how is a functional fitness gym different than a regular gym?
A functional fitness gym is smaller and functionally-based.  It will not have heavy weights, a lot of single-purpose machines or bodybuilders.  

how does a membership work? 
Independent Training Membership at Get Fit on Adams includes a coded entry privilege for accessing the facility on your own without supervision.  Independent Training Membership can be acquired two different ways: The first being that you train with a personal trainer at least once a week and your trainer offers that option to you through an All-Inclusive Membership level.  The second way is to qualify for Independent Training Membership which allows you to workout on your own.  To start in either case, you will be required to set up a personal fitness assessment appointment to make sure Get Fit On Adams is a good fit for you.  There is a one-time enrollment fee of $55 per person.  This fee covers your fitness consultation, tour of facility, equipment usage explanations and demonstrations, and an explanation of the room system, guidelines and rules.  If approved for Independent Training Membership, it will also include your account set-up.   

why do you require a skills assessment before I can buy a membership?
A fitness assessment is required before you can buy a membership because your personal safety is our first concern.  We need to feel confident that you will not inadvertently injure yourself while utilizing our facility unsupervised.  It is also important that we create an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, and this fitness assessment will also serve as "meet and greet" of sorts so we can get to know each of you and provide as much direction as possible to assist you with reaching your fitness goals.

what does my membership include?
Independent Training Membership includes access to the functional fitness facility (whenever there is not a group class going on), as well as additional access to the training room when personal training sessions are not taking place.  Your membership fee does not include any one-on-one sessions with a trainer or any classes.  Trainers and teachers will assess their own separate fees for personal training sessions and classes.

what is the difference between an independent training membership and the all-inclusive membership levels?
Independent Training Membership only includes coded entry access to the facility.  Other services such as personal training and classes will assess separate charges if utilized.  All-Inclusive Memberships include a combination of personal training sessions, circuit classes, and independent training access.  Your independent training access through the all-inclusive levels will be determined by your trainer and will be based on your personal fitness level and program design.

what if the functional fitness room is being used when I want to work out?
We always have the facility schedule up on our website and we encourage you to check it before you come.  If the functional fitness room is being used, we ask that you do not enter through that door to avoid disturbing the class in session.  You can enter through the personal training door if that room is not in session.  If both rooms are being used, we ask that you come back at another time. 

can I bring a friend with me to workout?
Our membership policy (and also our insurance policy) states that NO member with coded entry access may bring an unauthorized person to the gym with them without first obtaining permission from the owner, Tamara Fanning.  Please be aware that if it is discovered that you allow unauthorized visitors to enter the facility with you, we will immediately revoke and cancel your membership with us.  We do have a referral program in place for our members, so if you have a friend who is interested in working out here, we would appreciate the referral.  If they enroll with us at any level, you will receive a reward from our referral program!  Remember, your friends and visitors are always welcome at any of our classes!