membership fee
Your membership fee entitles you to all the rights and privileges of membership at Get Fit on Adams.  You agree that by signing this contract, you are required to pay for all membership dues and on-account charges whether or not you utilize the facility.  This agreement can be cancelled with 30 days written notice to the management of Get Fit on Adams. 

All accounts with a balance due for membership or on-account charges will be processed/drafted monthly.  Get Fit on Adams subscribes to a secondary website through MindBody for payment processing and storage of credit card information.  Click here for the MindBody privacy policy in regards to the security of your personal information.

price increase
Get Fit on Adams reserves the right to increase membership dues at any time.

late fee
If your account is past due 5 days, a one-time late fee of $10.00 will be charged to your account.

automatic renewal policy
Upon the expiration of your initial membership term, your scheduled payments will continue in accordance with the contract for the rate and frequency as outlined. 

physical condition
You have stated your physical condition to Get Fit on Adams. You have made known any impairment or disability that would prevent you from using Get Fit on Adams’ facilities and equipment or personal training services.  Get Fit on Adams is relying upon these representations of yours allowing you to use the facilities. 

assumption of risk
You agree that your use of Get Fit on Adams’ facilities will be at your own risk.  You further agree that Get Fit on Adams will not be responsible for any injury or damages to you or your property because of the use of the facilities or services.  You further agree that Get Fit on Adams shall not be responsible for any theft or loss of property while on the premises.  Get Fit on Adams has the right to determine days and hours that the facility will be available to members and the services and equipment that will be available.

violations of rules and regulations
NO member with coded entry access may bring an unauthorized person to the gym with them without first obtaining permission from the owner, Tamara Fanning.  Please be aware that if it is discovered that you allow unauthorized visitors to enter the facility with you, we will immediately revoke and cancel your membership with us.  If you violate any rules and regulations set forth above, or posted by Get Fit on Adams from time to time, Get Fit on Adams may cancel your membership and your rights to use the facilities.  You will not be entitled to a refund of any payment you have made. 

at-will termination
Get Fit on Adams reserves the right to cancel this contract and/or revoke member privileges to the facility at any time.