tamara fanning, owner

Tamara Lee Fanning was born and raised in the Adams Avenue/Normal Heights area of San Diego.  She started her studies in 1996 at City College in the Fitness Specialist Program.  She then became NASM Certified and began working as a Personal Trainer in 1997 in commercial clubs around San Diego.  In the meantime, Tamara continued her studies at SDSU and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Fitness and Nutrition.  She also attended Muller College for Massage Therapy to help her better understand her clients’ limitations and help maintain balance in the body.  Tamara firmly believes that massage should not be considered a luxury, but a necessity in maintaining a strong, healthy body.  Tamara has owned and operated “Get Fit with Tamara” for over 5 years right here on Adams Avenue.  She specializes in creating a friendly atmosphere for her clients to not only Get Fit but gain fitness-minded friends in her studio.  Tamara provides ideas on different ways to stay fit through field trips and home visits.  Tamara's personal views on getting and staying fit include working out regularly, eating right, getting adequate rest, learning to listen to your body and revitalizing the soul.  Tamara offers more than just exercise— she motivates and inspires you to develop a new lifestyle!

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